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J3ss1c4 F4pp1t – Feminization was Permanent


3 thoughts on “J3ss1c4 F4pp1t – Feminization was Permanent

  1. Yet you are undoubtedly a very beautiful and sexy girl. If not fully functioning to me you are all the more feminine for doing it, very no extremely courageous.

  2. There you have it. Womanhood well done. Nothing better than seeing a complete conversion. Cage that cock and marry her.

  3. Jessica i really want to be and look like u. Wow girl you are beautiful. Im start my hrt next week. I pray mine is as permanent as yours. Shit i have been dating girls my whole life and i recently found out im really into dick. I love it everything about them is beautiful attractive and turns me on in ways ive never know. I had a man take me like i was his bitch that felt so wonderful. I now kneel everytime im in front of him. Now i guess this makes me gay? I love dick? But im suppose to right im a girl. A sissy slut im learning who i am and who i truly want to be. I know i love bbc and i love sucking whiteboy cock also. Im sorry to my loved ones but im a girl a very feminine girl my lil weewee is a clitty and its cute but will never really satisfy anyone. I went from 7 solid inches now 1 have an inch and a half. But. I like it like this panties fit so much better. Omg im actually starting to look feminine.


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