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Sissy Trainer6


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  1. I’ve wanted to be a sissy since I tried on my First pair of panties and pranced around in a skirt. The feeling of femininity is so comforting and sexually exciting. Once I started shaving my legs and everything else. I wanted more so I moved to a new city where I could be the sissy I always wanted to be. I went to the doctor and told him I wanted to transgend. He put my on estrogen, and I started taking 2 little pills a day. As the weeks went past I notice my previous manly pecs were turning into little breast. My nipples started to bud and I was growing little tits. Of course this made me feel so sensual and girly I began to buy push up Bras and matching panties. I was already a little slim guy and am excited that my next body changes will be a girly figure. I watch hypnosis and I believe it’s helpful to you and can make you fall deeper into feminisation. I dress up and send guys pics of me in short skirts and sexy outfits. They tell me how hot I look and send me pics of there hard cocks. For me I’m not going back. I’m building my courage and am going full tranny. I’m just disappointed I didn’t do it years ago. Well I made a promise to myself. That I was going to live the rest of my life happy. So I will keep taking my girly pills and transcend into the world of doing my nails, wearing makeup. Having random sex with big cocked guys. If your really considering becoming a sissy. I hope my story had giving you courage to take the first steps. Peace and happiness be with you.


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